Fiji Spirit Gathering (FSG),
an intimate, new interactive learning celebration that combines local tribal leaders with internationally renowned teachers to offer ancient wisdom for modern times

This pioneer gathering will grow the local and global community with festivities and education via yoga, permaculture, live music, organic food, massage, handcraft markets, mentorship, basket weaving workshops, community garden building, and more.

Opportunities for mentorship and long-term partnerships are encouraged. Youth and elders are valued and included. The Fiji Spirit Gathering aligns global activists who desire a new way of creating positive change, relationships and intimacy with all life. No matter the topic of focus, all participants benefit in this gathering.  

Our long-term goal is to educate and create layers of sustainable infrastructure that support and revitalize individuals, local and global communities. Our Fijian partners advise, implement and maintain the projects that are offered during the annual event. In this way, our skills and resources are truly desired and valued, and we build upon these projects annually.

FSG is a new initiative creation of Urban Family Foundation & Heart of Yoga.

Join the tribe!